April 25, 2006


Rumor has it that Benedict XVI has appointed a group to look into the question of condoms and the AIDS crisis in Africa.

So the question arises: will the Vatican o.k. the use of condoms for married couples in which a partner is in danger of contracting HIV? Various standard principles of moral theology could be employed, such as "lesser evil."

Here's my question, though. What will we let the discourse be about if a document appears? Will we make it about birth control, and the nest of issues around authority and sexuality that have arisen since Paul VI published Humanae Vitae? If we let any coming hoopla be only about this stuff, we just find one more way to ignore the pandemic in Africa.

Instead, let's let whatever comes out of Rome be about Africa, and about our collective need to say and do something about their suffering. I know a brother who worked full-time burying the dead for ten years.

You can check out the full Catholic News Service article here.

Of course some are having too much fun with this already, like Blogger colleague German Shepherd.


German Shepherd II said...

C'mon, Minor - it was too easy without going R-rated! :)

Brother Charles said...

Shep, you know I have nothing but sympathy with your project, and we may as well have fun with this one because it will be ugly debate in the old blogosphere when and if this document appears... ;)

Anonymous said...

The only thing that can come out of Rome is the answer NO! Condoms are already allowed in the case of rape, which is an act of agression which is what sex between an infected and uninfected person is, married or not, intentional or not. Condoms DO NOT STOP AIDS TRANSMISSION see prolife.com. Abstinance does stop AIDS transmission. There is really no need for a new teching.
John Dennis SFO