May 4, 2017

Blessed Solanus Casey

Today in the daily Bulletin of the Holy See Press Office there has appeared the awaited news that Pope Francis has authorized the publication of the decree to recognize the miracle attributed to the intercession of our own Fr. Solanus Casey.

Of course I'm happy about this as a Capuchin, and as a member of one of the Provinces of the Order that descends from the one that Solanus, then called Bernard, had joined back in 1897. But I'm also grateful in a personal way.

At the beginning of my postulancy with the Capuchins we made a visit to Fr. Solanus's tomb in Detroit. I remember praying for his intercession as I began this new, Capuchin phase of my Franciscan journey.

More recently, I have been happy to be helpful on the peripheries of his cause for beatification. I have translated emails and been a communication go-between for our friars in the USA and the office of the General Postulator here at the Capuchin General Curia in Rome. Though I must confess that I wasn't a great success at this, I did some translating of pathologist's reports from English into Italian with regard to the investigation of the miracle attributed to Fr. Solanus's intercession.

Today I am happy to see that things are official, and the way forward to Fr. Solanus's beatification has been set. And I'm grateful for having had the chance to help in some small way.

Blessed Solanus Casey, pray for us!


Paul A. Zalonski said...

This is a great gift. I really never thought Casey was going to be beatified. The other day I was at a friend's house in Westville and he has a nice image of Solanus Casey on the wall; I wondered about his Cause. Now it is revealed. When and where is the beatification happening?

Blessed be God.

kam said...

Yes, pray for us in heaven, good brother, soon to be a saint!

Brother Charles said...

Thanks for the comments!

@Paul Yes, I had my doubts too. But the miracle was compelling. No official word on the date for the celebration of the beatification; maybe later this year. said...

Isn't there a somewhat similar story between Solanus Casey and André Bessette? It is good news.

Brother Charles said...

Yes! There are similarities!

Louis M said...

I never doubted for a minute. But I am always the optimist.
Fr Solanus prega per noi!

Judy Kallmeyer said...

I am delighted to learn about the forthcoming beatification of Fr. Solanus. I have read his biography and was very much impressed by his life. I believe that he has the kindest face I have ever seen. I'm sure that that alone attracted people to him. Do you know that down at the manor we had a tenant who bore close resemblance to Fr. Solanus. A couple of people commented on the resemblance. I think that one of them might have been Barbara Egan. Hope all is well with you.

Brother Charles said...

Thanks, Judy!