April 29, 2006

Apology for Advertising

You might wonder why a Franciscan blog has ads. Therefore I offer a few points on my decision to include them.

1. No one can realistically imagine that any money is going to be made from clickable ads on a site as specialized and particular as this one.

2. I was genuinely curious about what kind of text adds the posts might produce.

3. I believe we Franciscans need to always remind ourselves that we live sine proprio, without property, without anything of our own. This goes even for the ethereal space of the world wide web. I publish in this corner of that space by the generosity or prerogatives of someone else. The advertising serves to remind me and any readers that this space is not our own.

4. In order to be in full accord with my religious and clerical state, I probably will not even accept any revenue generated on this site, should there be any. But I do want to have the ads on the page, for the reasons listed above.


Jason said...

When I started my blog, I was actually considering using Google's AdWords and contributing whatever income it produced to my church (it's a Conventual Franciscan parish and they could definitely use every penny :) or some other good cause. Of course, I only get about 10-15 hits in a week... but maybe I'll do it anyway just for curiosity's sake.

Jason said...

Our fraternity does a bit of advertising and provides links to online stores to generate some income. All donations go to the community outreach programs our brothers and sisters are involved with. If you would like pay a visit to our site at http://www.stigmataofstfrancis.org.