July 29, 2006

Creation and Coincidence

I'm passing this weekend in a huge empty seminary. I'm between a workshop that was last week and another one that starts on tuesday. Yesterday almost half a day went without my seeing anyone. It felt like The Shining. Well, when I put the TV on last night to see if anything was on, there it was. And I watched it too.

And I thought, this is funny. This is a coincidence. A funny coincidence can be delightful; it makes us question the random and meaningless universe us late modern people have been taught to believe in.

In fact, the most primordial movement of reality is a delightful coincidence. God, such and overwhelming love and goodness, overflows into a perfect coincidence of God. God's perfect love and goodness demands that God be both Lover and Beloved. And so we see the original mutual delight within God that we call God the Father and God the Son.

Maybe when we delight in a coincidence and find in it something of that most human sense, humor, we can a see a faint shadow of that most originary movement: The procession of the Word from the unbegotten God.

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Brother Lesser said...

Where would we be without a sense of humor? I came into the fullness of the Lord because of a lady I met who always had a "Cheshire Cat" grin on her face constantly. Once day I stopped her after Mass and asked her why she was always so happy. She replied, "Oh honey, that's the Holy Spirit!" I made up my mind right then and there that she had what I wanted and needed so desperately.

God bless!