September 22, 2006


I have a couple of neat things to share today:

1. One of the brothers sent me this link to a collection of pictures of Jesus. Some are serious, some are silly, but, as I looked through them, I thought that all of them are provacative in their own way, and force upon us the query Jesus asks of all his disciples: Who do you say that I am?

The most reflection provoking ones for me are the Jesus made out of fruit and Jesus throwing Bush, Cheney and Greenspan out of the Temple. The one of Jesus showing off his tattoo seems silly at first, but then it really got me thinking about Jesus as God's revealer. But maybe that's because I just started a course on John's gospel.

2. Our friend Brother Lesser has a poem today about Francis, beauty, and Lady Poverty by Peter Maurin. I really liked it.



Chris Dickson, F.L.A. said...

You're very kind. Thank you, my friend.

Don said...

Great pictures and post. Thanks for your writing and thoughts. Peace.

Jeff said...

I like the "Che" one.

Meek and Mild. As if.