December 12, 2006


Brother computer guy unbroke my computer, like nothing happened. Though I did have to endure much scolding for not being a good backer-upper, not even owning a USB drive to save my work on, and for risking the kind of lossage that would keep me from finishing my STL on time.

He was also annoyed because he couldn't guess my windows password, and because he couldn't figure out why the computer was named "Monica." I told him I named it after St. Augustine's mother.


Anonymous said...

Oh. That Monica. ;-D

It's always good to have a "computer guy" around, although they can never save you without a bit of a scolding, can they?


Carolina Cannonball said...

My computer is a great source of misery for me. I suffer with a hand me down computer & dial up access, just more to offer up.

So what Saint should I name mine after- it being old, archaic, cantankerous and my constant fount of frustration? Any ideas?

friar minor said...

How about Charles de Foucauld or Benedict Joseph Labre? :)