April 21, 2007

Conrad of Parzham

Today is the feast of St. Conrad, one of our most loved Capuchin saints. He was a nineteenth century friar from Bavaria who spent most of his life as porter in the friary at Altötting.

Here's a beautiful paragraph from his Office of Readings:
Thus I always rejoice in the Lord having only this complaint that I do not love enough. If only I had the love of one of the Seraphim! I would like to compel all creation to help me love God above all things. Love never fails.
Believe it or not, despite being dead for over a century, Conrad has a very nice MySpace page, which you can check out here. If you know some German, his own brothers have several fine pages on him starting here.


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thanks for the link in German.:-)

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Isn't St. Conrad the patron of the Mid-America (Denver) Province?