October 26, 2007

Franciscan Blogroll

Check out my latest delightful discovery of the Franciscan family blogsophere: Franciscan Diary.


UltraCrepidarian said...

Hooray for Franciscans! :-)

Thanks for reading. Remember me in your prayers, as I am not only a newly professed Secular Franciscan, I've recently been made into our fraternity's "Formation Director".

Sometimes, you just have to look up at God, and our big Brother Francis, and say, "You must know what YOU'RE doing here, but I SURE DON'T, and that's Okay with me, right now! Lead on, Oh King Eternal!".


Mike D said...


So, I have a question about the Franciscan Pet Registry. I saw an adverstistment from your province's developement office for a registry where for a small fee you cat or dog, etc. gets enrolled. Does each Friar get a list of pets to pray for? How does it work?

Is it a good idea even?


Charles of New Haven said...

Hi Mike, I'm not sure that pet registry is my province...and I don't think it's anything so formal as to pray for any of them specifically...