November 2, 2007

All Souls Day

This morning I had the grade school children for Mass. People say that kids these days don't know their religion, but with a little help from good old catholic "analogical imagination" they seemed to know a lot. They knew that a community is a group of individuals connected by love or shared values or a common project. They could produce examples of such communities, like a family, a village, a city, or a church.

From there it's only one step to say that the revealed divine Love that we know in Jesus Christ is so pervasive and passionate that it makes one community out of both the living and the dead.

In celebration I have put my favorite contemporary song about All Souls Day on my MySpace page, Dia de los Muertos by Rezurex. For those who are more classically minded, and because the friars didn't really respond to my suggestion that we sing it at Morning Prayer, here's a sing-a-long version of the Dies Irae:

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