March 20, 2008

Paschal Triduum

Sorry for the lack of posts this Holy Week. Apart from the stress and work of preparing the Triduum, we had two funerals yesterday and another without Mass sneaking in today before everything begins. On top of that our phone system went down on Tuesday. So it's been crazy.

Nevertheless, I love this time. Every year I reflect on the grace of itinerancy that the Holy Spirit has given me; only once in my whole baptism have I been in the same place for the Easter Vigil for more than two years in a row. When I think about the places I've been for the Vigil, it puts me in awe of God and in a state of gratitude for my vocation.

Here's my Easter Vigil history:

2008: Sacred Heart, Yonkers, NY
2007: St. Anne-St. Augustin, Manchester, NH
2006: St. Anne, Readville, MA
2005: St. Anne, Readville, MA
2004: Our Lady of Lourdes, Jamaica Plain, MA
2003: Our Lady of Lourdes, Jamaica Plain, MA
2002: St. Lawrence Seminary, Mt. Calvary, WI
2001: St. Francis Friary, Garrison, NY
2000: St. Francis Friary, Garrison, NY
1999: St. Lawrence,West Haven, CT
1998: St. Lawrence,West Haven, CT
1997: St. Lawrence,West Haven, CT
1996: St. Mary's, New Haven, CT
1995: Holy Cross, Bronx, NY
1994: St. Mary's Abbey, Morris Township, NJ
1993, ?, Verona, Italy


tara said...

hi Fr. Charles!
thanks for this post. sorry to hear about all the craziness of this week so far. hope everything has calmed down. i was going to come for tenebrae prayer this morning, but it would have been too long of a wait between tenebrae and the Mass this evening. i don't live close enough to drive home and then come back. but, i'll be there this evening for the Holy Thursday Mass! i'll probably come for tenebrae tomorrow morning, though, for Good Friday, since the Good Friday service is in the afternoon and it won't be as long a wait in between. and then i'll also come for tenebrae on Holy Saturday morning because i think they're still having the scripture study. i might try to go over to the orthodox chapel, st. vladimir's, that you wrote about in one of your posts (if i can figure out where it is - maybe you can tell me how to get there) and spend some time in prayer either on Good Friday or Holy Saturday in between tenebrae and the services. that might be a nice way to spend some time in prayer by going there for a little while. i love this time of year, too. it's such a beautiful time. i, too, have been to many different places for the Easter Vigil. i haven't kept track, like you have, but i've been to different parishes: St. Theresa's, Briarcliff Manor, NY; Holy Name of Mary, Croton On Hudson, NY; Graymoor, Garrison, NY. this year (2008) will be my first Easter Vigil at Sacred Heart, Yonkers, NY - so i'm looking forward to sharing this first experience with you, Fr. Charles! PEACE!

Don said...

I love the Triduum too. I've written about it Holy Thursday today. I can't match your schedule, but it was crazy for me too this week. I intend to enjoy today and the weekend. I'm off to Mt. Irenaeus later for Good Friday liturgy.