May 10, 2008


The fulfillment of all the mysteries of the Lord is upon us. My homily for this weekend is posted here.

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tara said...

hi Fr. Charles!
happy PENTECOST! thanks for posting your GREAT homily! sorry i missed the 5:00pm Mass saturday. it was my nephew, Eric's, 3rd birthday and i had to go see him.
in some parts of your homily you mention about love and doing all that we do for the Glory of God. it's true that if we have the love of God (like an AGAPE love) that our charity toward others is done for their pure benefit and their good and i feel that it only follows that if we have that kind of AGAPE love, then anything we do will be done for the Glory of God. i think i experience this often. for example, in the different ministries i do at Sacred Heart & St. Theresa's, (i know that i am not worthy to do any), so i truly try to do them in the most reverent way that i'm able to and always consider it a great honor to do any of the minitries that i'm able to do. that's why i feel that it's so important to always pray, especially to the Holy Spirit, before approaching any ministry. and, i have found, particularly with being a lector, that God can really use us as His instruments to speak to those we minister to. i have experienced complete strangers coming up to me and saying how they've been touched by hearing the Word of God and even by how i serve as an altar server. they hear or see something that touches them and i tell them that i am not the one who can take the credit for how they've been inspired, but God! - God is the one who is using me as His instrument to speak to them. even teaching second grade religious education is a great honor because i feel that these young souls have been entrusted to me by God, and, especially in one of the most important years for these children - the year where i help prepare hem for two very special Sacraments: Reconciliation and their First Holy Communion.
and, your part in your homily about forgiveness is so important. if we learn to let go of things and not to worry about things that we have no control of anyway, then we will have a true and deep inner PEACE - the PEACE that comes from God!
PEACE be with you, Fr. Charles! and thank you, again! see you soon!