December 10, 2008

That Would Take All Night

On the other side of town we have a group of young sisters who run retreats for the Spanish speaking folks in the area. They are often in need of confessors, and I go when I can. Imagine my fear when I went the other night and was put in a room with this sign on it:

I thought to myself that I would never make it. Luckily for my sanity and my spotty Spanish, not to speak of those who had to suffer me as a confessor, there weren't that many.


Matthew Ignatius said...

¡Ay 70 personas!

At least some people actually go to confession. My pastor tries to encourage people to go, but apparently we have no sinners in the parish, because no one ever shows up for confession.

¡Buena suerte!

Brother Charles said...

It reminds of the time I asked advice about dealing with penitents who say, in whatever words, "I really don't have any sins." One of the brothers said I should say, "So what I'm hearing is that your sin is that you aren't reflective."

A clear conscience is a good sign of a bad memory, as the saying goes!