July 3, 2010

Lambs Among Wolves

I didn't manage a new homily this week, but I'm still pretty happy with the one I wrote three years ago. Topics include fitness for mission and receiving the stigmata. Check it out here.

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4narnia said...

Fr. C ~ thanks for sharing your homily (which is still very appropriate). during Lectio Divina this morning, what spoke to me most is that how we live and what we do is a much more powerful message than words and what we say ~ it reminds me of when St. Francis of Assisi simply just walked through a town with some of his brothers and preached without words, but by action (how they lived.) also, in the Gospel for this Sunday, it tells us two times that "the Kingdom of God is at hand for you." if we are open enough to the Holy Spirit, we will recognize just how near to us the Kingdom of God really is! PAX! ~tara t~