July 28, 2012

Pretiosa in conspectu Domini

A couple of months before I made the big move over here to Italy, one of my wisdom figures among the friars paid me a visit and gave me a talking-to. One of his advices to me was to avoid the difficulties of transition altogether by just treating the transfer as if it were a vacation, for the first year or so, he said.

As constitutionally incapable as I am of taking up such advice, I thought of it today on the first altogether free day I've had since coming to Rome. For the occasion, I decided I would treat myself to something distinctively Roman. So I joined the crowds on the march from the Metro to St. Peter's Square and visited the lovely little bookstore of the Libreria Editrice Vaticana. There you can see all kinds of lovely things, and would that you might need them, like 'eucharistic prayers for concelebration' booklets in Latin, for instance.

There I found something that I've been thinking about picking up for a while, a copy of the 2004 Martyrologium Romanum.

Today for Mass we celebrated blessed Maria Teresa Kowalska, a Capuchin Poor Clare among the 108 martyrs of the Nazi persecution beatified by John Paul II. And here she is, with a couple days difference, as the latest entry for July 25.

Pray for us. Amen.


Marc said...

Am saving my 15,000 pennies for that, too. By chance, any idea if there is a new edition in the works? I should hate to ship all that copper to Italy only to learn a week later that there's a new version out in at the end of the summer....

Brother Charles said...

True, and I have no idea. But ordering from them is worth it to get the packing tape with the seal of the Holy See on it.

Marc said...

I did just that, 30 odd years ago, when I bought the editio typica of the Liturgia Horarum; for a week or two. :-)