August 17, 2012

In Paradiso Con Altro Titolo

It's interesting living close to the administrative center of the Order; you learn the answers to questions you never knew you had. Today provides a good example.

If you are a Catholic, you are no doubt familiar with holy cards of the saints. You probably have some in your missal or your breviary. I have a holy card of Our Lady of the Angels that's been in my wallet for almost twenty years, long story.

Now, perhaps you have had a holy card of someone who has been beatified, a holy card of blessed so-and-so.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the holy cards of blessed so-and-so if and when blessed so-and-so gets canonized and becomes saint so-and-so? Me neither. But now I know. The person who was in charge of the causes of those former blesseds, from whom the holy cards of blessed so-and-so originate, finding himself home alone on a very hot day, puts them in the fireplace.

He even had a little chant to go with his raking around in the fireplace,

In cielo, in cielo con altro titolo ...

"In heaven, in heaven with new title."

One learns these things because inquiring minds always want to know why someone would make a fire in the fireplace in Rome in August.

Amen. May we all learn to know the Christ of the burnt men.


carl said...

So who was raised from Bl to St?

Brother Charles said...

One of them at least was Bernard of Corleone.

-Lou (Louis) said...

I envy you your Our Lady of the Angels card *blushes*

carl said...

Interesting, I hadn't known him before. Let's hope he's praying for Vito and Michael :P

Benedicta said...

I read through the "long story" and I come to realize that the card of Our Lady of Angels protected you during your European journey. What a blessing...With the burning of cards when they become saints, I thought you were kidding. I will treasure that card more. I am a big fan of Pope JP II and I know all my collections will be a blessed one.