July 9, 2014

Residency Permit Renewal, Part 2

Returning from the morning described in the previous post, I mentioned my insuccess to those of the brothers that I ran into. One of them, much more experienced in such things, said that he would have opportunity to check for the kit in his travels, and would do so for me. A few days later, while I was waiting for the least hot day of the week to try again at new post offices, he said, "I have something that will make you happy," and delivered a kit to me.

So while it is unbecoming of a religious to whine or complain of the troubles and difficulties his vocation offers him--which are graces in which rather he should rejoice and give thanks to God--it can be good to share one's lament. Second, sometimes the Lord wishes to remind us that it is more blessed to depend on one's brother than on oneself.


Anonymous said...

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Judy Kallmeyer said...

Making your needs known is not whining or complaining; it is an act of humility and even an act of charity, giving another an opportunity to be of service. I have had to make my needs known to several people during this moving process and folks have really come through for me in ways never expected. Hope it is not as hot in Rome as it is here. It is making packing difficult, and the sprained knee is not helping either. My moving date is Aug. 1st. Whew! So much to do; so little time! But I am really looking forward to my new apartment. I would really love to have your e-mail address so as not to air my difficulties on your blogspot. I would guess that you do not want to put it here either. Does Fr. Moe have it? If it is all right with you for me to have it, maybe you could let Fr. Moe know and I will get it from him.