August 6, 2014


A couple of months into my third year in Italy I have landed in my fourth--and presumably final--location. First was a month in Assisi as a student at the Accademia Lingua Italiana Assisi then three months in the Roman neighborhood of Garbatella while a student at the funnily named Torre di Babele (Tower of Babel) language school here in Rome. Then almost two years in the back section of the Collegio Internazionale San Lorenzo da Brindisi in the outskirts of Rome with the rest of the displaced fraternity of the General Curia, where it was staying while the Curia in town began renovations.

And now, even though the renovations aren't quite done, I've moved with the rest of the fraternity of the General Curia back to its proper home in the middle of Rome.

The new building is very nice. For the first time since I was parochial vicar in Yonkers, I have an office that isn't my room, which is a good boundary between work and life. I'm reminded a lot of the beginning of my post-novitiate formation, which was the last time I lived through a building renovation. One of the things that isn't done is the church, so we have been going around the corner in the morning to pray Morning Prayer and Mass with the Montfort Missionaries at their little church dedicated to Our Lady, Regina Cordium. (Queen of Hearts). I don't mind at all. Sometimes in religious life I have missed that feeling of 'going to church.'

Mostly I'm grateful for the landing.


Judy Kallmeyer said...

stsBAMISo we are settling into new quarters. I moved from Yonkers to West Haverstraw last Friday. It was an exhausting experience from which I am still recovering. There are boxes everywhere and I suspect that it will take me a month to get everything put away. I am 5 minutes away from the Marian Shrine and that is the delight of my life. I wish you peace and joy in your new surroundings.

JoshuaBavaro said...

Many blessings on the move! I just wanted to write a note since I belong to one of the 3 Montfort parishes in the US. Please give my regards to Fr. Jim Brady if you happen to meet him.

God bless,
Joshua Bavaro