February 13, 2015

Spiritual Life

Spiritual life is a funny business.

It's less about getting something than letting go of everything.

It's less about getting somewhere than awakening to the truth that you are arriving at blessedness in this very moment.

It's less about accomplishing anything than letting go of what you always took to be your agency and your individuality, the following of which has always led you into misery and isolation.

It's less about doing something than surrendering to Someone.

And there's always an invitation to a more profound and more complete surrender, new surrenderings that at first seem overwhelming, then become possible by the grace of willingness, and finally reveal themselves as who we always were, though we were asleep to it.

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Unknown said...

A number of years ago, I read a book by George Maloney, S.J. entitled "The Silence of Surrendering Love." I was attracted by the title. Surrender--something people by and large do not want to do. But surrendering love, surrendering to the Lord in love--what a grace and what a desire. Fr. Maloney's books are not easy to read but i remember this one as having been on of the easier ones. Maybe I will return to it this Lent and plumb its depths again. Perhaps I will happen upon some new thought to treasure and rekindle the desire to enter into the silence of surrendering love.

Have a blessed and fruitful Lent, Father!