May 8, 2006

Blessed Jeremiah

Today is also the feast of Blessed Jeremiah of Walachia, a 16th century Romanian Capuchin who came to some fame serving his sick brothers in Italy.

And let me tell you from personal experience, this ministry is no joke.

I couldn't find a bio about him in English, but if you want to practice your Portuguese, click here.


Paula said...

Hi, I am Romania. There are many sites in Romanian on this saint. If you can understand italian you can it will not be difficult to understand romanian.:-).

Paula said...

Sorry the second link may not function.
The first one belong to the Romanian Catholic Church.


A Simple Sinner said...

"Ieremia Valahul" is the name in Romanian...

If you google that, you can come up with some webpages that at least show some paintings.

I have seen an icon image of him online before, but no longer can find it.

daniel cosmin said...

Hello. I am a romanian capuchin brother and whoever is interested in Blessed Jeremiah, please contact me at, or check the Romanian Capuchin site at As an idea, his mortal rests returned this year, on 31st of may in the sanctuary to him dedicated, from Onesti, Romania, where is the romanian Curia of the capuchin friars. Peace and good!

Brother Charles said...

Good to meet you, brother Daniel. Peace to you and happy feast of Francis!