May 25, 2006


Dear readers, I can't figure out why the Univeralis liturgical calendar banner sometimes appears and sometimes not. It should be a box with the liturgical day and a link to Universalis, right between the most recent post and the ad banner. I presume that its unreliability has something to with the firewalls and privacy settings of different machines.

So, would you take a moment to leave me a comment and let me know if the liturgical banner generally appears on this page for you? If it isn't, I'll replace it with something else fun or edifying.



Jeff said...

I see it Friar. Good idea, thanks.

Barb, sfo said...

I see it.
Using Mozilla Firefox browser, if that info helps.

friar minor said...

Thanks friends. The browser 411 is helpful too Barb; I use Firefox myself, but I check the page with IE from time to make sure everthing is working. I haven't gotten around to checking it with Safari.

Anonymous said...

I see banner and the address to the Universalis site however, I do not see an active link to the site.

I´m using internet explorer.