October 3, 2006

School Shootings

It was 780 years ago tonight that our holy father Francis was born to eternal life, so that's what I should be writing about today, what we call the transitus of Francis.

But three school shootings in a week-and now even the daughters of our radical anabaptist Amish friends are in danger.

Who needs any other sign that there is something horribly wrong with our culture? Violence is the answer for everything. People who kill people? We kill them. Inconvenient babies? We kill them. Children at school? We use them to take out our anger at the God and the world.

And now with the so-called 1% doctrine, we here in the United States respond with violence and pre-emptive war to threats that have yet even to appear.

We are already guilty; by doing nothing we simply maintain our condemnation as murderers. We need to uproot from inside ourselves the obvious and the hidden wellsprings of violence and anger and hate.

There is no time.


Crescentius said...

My dear brother:

I have been thinking about the school violence today and reading about the man who committed this awful act. He was angry at God and seeking revenge.

In today's first reading Job tells us we all have hurts and pains. What makes Job different form the man in P.A. is that Job turned to God and his brothers & sisters. The P.A. dude turned against both God and others and hence the violence ensued.

This teaches me to trust and turn over the hurt like Job and do my part in not continuing the violence.

peace and happy feast day

Paula said...

Dear brother, happy feast day today, 4th October. May the patron of your order, St Francis, bless you richly.


Don said...

Lots of violence to be sure and more of need for Gospel non-violence. Following TNH and looking deeply at the culture I must wonder if all our warlike training is boomeranging. We have become a country and society that openly condones violence. We say one thing and do the opposite. Maybe the country needs St. Francis more than ever. Happy Feast Day!