October 6, 2006

St. Bruno

I've always been a little fascinated by and curious about the Carthusians. The intensity of their retirement from the world, their silence, their solitude, all of these things that are part of any religious vocation but seem to be so intense in their particular Order.

They only have one house here in the USA, the Charterhouse of the Transfiguration in Vermont.

I have been looking forward to Into Great Silence, the movie about the Carthusians, to appear here in America. If anyone knows how or where I can see it, let me know.


Paula said...

dear brother, here the DVD will be relased by 3 november..here is a link (sorry it is in German, but here i can help if necessary):

Maybe one can try to order the DVD from Europe or UK and see it on a DVD-player that accepts also zone II DVDs (I think that USA DVDs are zone I and DVDs for Europe are zone II).

friar minor said...

Thanks for the help, Paula. My parents are German speakers, so I have it in my ear a little bit, if not on my tongue.

Many friars here in the States have fallen victim to the difference between European and American DVDs!

Brother Lesser said...

One of my Franciscan Brothers asked me if St. Bruno was the patron saint of spinach...I can see Purgatory in his future...