September 6, 2007

Being an Event Planner

It's not easy to get ordained. Dealing with Saturday's big event has been a full-time job the last couple of days. Music rehearsals, floral arrangements, picking out the right (matching, of course) corporal and purificators, arranging airport transportation for the ordaining bishop and his secretary, thinking about supper for arrivals at three different times the night before (not to mention lunch for 300 after the Mass!), finding five matching chasubles and four matching dalmatics, and praying that nobody has passed on to the Lord today because the musicians plan to practice in the Saturday funeral time-slot.

In all seriousness, it will be a testament to divine Providence if it all comes together!


Anonymous said...

I know it seems overwhelming but everything will come together nicely. Just put you trust in him!

Anonymous said...

This stress will help you later in your pastoral work. Remember it when couples are planing weddings in your church. The event planning details are very similar.

Be assured you are in my prayers this week.

Now, if I could request a small favor? Would you please pray for my son Greg. He swollowed one of those button cell batteries on Tuesday, and if he does not pass it in the next couple of days he will need surgery to remove it.

Thank you,

--ben in denver

Charles of New Haven said...

Thanks to you both for your encouragement. And be assured of our prayers, Ben.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your prayers! The battery came out this morning. Praise God!

--ben in denver

Pia said...

Are you being ordained tomorrow? I didn't realize that! God bless you Br. Charles!