September 24, 2007


This past weekend I gave communion to an extraordinary number of children. On Saturday there was a large outdoor Mass in celebration of the bicentennial of our archdiocese. I was placed at a communion station where there were a lot of children from one of the local parish schools. On Sunday we had a Mass for the alumni of our own parish grade school, and a choir of children did the singing.

It's really a remarkable theological proclamation, if you think about, to have these small, shy, vulnerable, and often bewildered looking people come before you and to proclaim them "the Body of Christ."

This humility of God, it's not just beautiful and edifying; it's pretty subversive too.


Jeff said...

The looks on their faces are something else, aren't they? You should see the looks on my kid's faces when they come up to me when I'm serving as an EOM. :-)

Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for a Mathetes award - Excellence in Discipleship.

Charles of New Haven said...

Wow, Jeff, that's a whole other level of interaction within the body of Christ. I'm sure it is leaving a lot of seeds of the Word in your kids' hearts.