December 24, 2007

In Nativitate Domini

Merry Christmas everyone!

The mystery of Christmas is upon us, the mystery of God's re-creation of our humanity through the Incarnation of the Word.

I have our midnight Mass tonight, for which I'm giving the homily I posted last year. I've never had a chance to offer it live, and I like it a lot.

For Mass during the day tomorrow, my homily is posted here.

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Barb, sfo said...

Merry Christmas, Father! Thank you for so generously sharing your homilies and thoughts.

I hope that someday you do get some nieces and nephews so you can give them a toy Nativity scene. (Right now, a couple of knights and warriors have joined the shepherd and 3 kings in adoring Baby Jesus, along with a lion. Hopefully we won't be reenacting Holy Innocents Day....)