December 1, 2007

You Have One New Message

Happy new year, everyone. The year of grace 2008 begins with vespers this afternoon. My homily for the first Sunday of Advent is posted here.


Little Scribe said...

Thank you for your homily. Advent is "coming on strong" for me this year, and your words have added much to meditate upon.

Peace and All Good.
Little Scribe

ben in denver said...

Thank you for posting your homily. I ended up going to a Spanish Mass this past Sunday becuase we had a lt of illness going around in our family, and it was the only one I could get to.

My Spanish is extremely poor, so I pretty much missed the homily alltogether.

It was nice to get one, even if it was a little late.

Thanks Father

Charles of New Haven said...

Hope everyone feels better soon, Ben. Thanks for your encouragement, as always.