June 21, 2008

Prayer and Mission

What we hear in the secret of our praying heart we are to proclaim boldly to the world. My homily for this weekend is posted here.

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tara said...

thanks, again, for your inspiring homily, Fr. C! and thanks for leading us in scripture study this morning. one really important point you made in your homily was how we need to be people of prayer and that is so true. taking the time (regularly) to really LISTEN to GOD is SO IMPORTANT. i know it works for me. one way is monthly adoration. sometimes i do get interupted in daily life when i try to set time aside, but knowing that i have that uninterupted time at nocturnal adoration each month is very comforting and a time i really look forward to. also, i think someone made the point at scripture study this morning that proclaiming what we hear is not always done only with words, but also through our actions, which sometimes can be so much more powerful than words. if we really live our faith in everyday life and spend time listening to God, then it really is not that difficult to proclaim the GOOD NEWS through our words and good deeds. if we are open enough, sometimes the opportunity to proclaim is clearly right in front of us. thank you, again, Fr. C for your great example and for always being so inspiring through your homilies and in other ways. hope you have a safe trip to and from your retreat and that it is a peaceful time for you. see you soon!