June 23, 2008


I'm off for my annual retreat this week, not to return or have any contact with the blogosphere, internet, or telephone until I return next weekend. I'm going to the Trappists in Massachusetts, which has been my favorite retreat destination for about ten years. So pray for me. I'll be offering Mass over the course of the week for some of the intentions I've received from friends I've met here, including the discernment and vocation of Michael Hallman and the health and recovery of Paula's parish priest.


Steve said...

Be Safe on your trip and God bless

4narnia said...

hi fr. C!
hope your retreat was peaceful! i followed the link to the trappists in massachusetts that you posted. it looks like a very peaceful place. anyway, i was finallt sucessful in creating and posting to my new blog page. so, if you can, would you add my blog to your list? thanks! see u soon. PEACE!