July 19, 2008

Mixed Motivations

In the end we will be purified of our mixed motives by the purity and brilliance of the vision of God. Until then, let us endure our situation of impure motivation and allow it to teach us humility. My homily for this weekend is posted here.


4narnia said...

very great and inspiring homily, again, Fr. C! thank you! what i learned this week from your homily is that for us who are in the world, yes, it is true that we are mixed in with the wheat & the weeds. but, i feel that we have to try our best to be counter-cultural and we should really try to cultivate the fruits of the Holy Spirit that St. Paul speaks about in Galations, chapter 5 - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. we really need to use these fruits of the Holy Spirit and plant them everywhere we go, especially when we are faced with the weeds. it might not be a popular thing to do, but we do need to challenge the opposite things of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, some of which are hatred, selfishness, jealousy, immorality, rivalry, idolatry, factions and dissensions, etc... of course, we need to challenge these things in a Christian and non-threatening way. when we plant these fruits of the Holy Spirit, we might not see the results right away and we may never even see the results in our lifetime, but all it takes is to plant one good seed or fruit of the Holy Spirit and then we should just leave it in God's hands and don't look back - He will do the rest. the good will prevail. we should have no other motive in our heart other than charity & love. that's why i love children so much, (especially young children such as the age of my nephew, who is three.) children love us and accept us so unconditionally - it's so beautiful! i forget where in Sacred Scripture it says this, but Jesus tells us to be like children, especially, i think, in the way that they love and accept everyone so unconditionally. it's not always easy to love like this, but we should keep trying and never give up. PEACE!

Brother Charles said...

Thanks for working out that point! Good reflection for our Pauline year, too!