July 13, 2008

Ecumenical Moment

We had a real ecumenical afternoon here in our parish. A Melkite rite Catholic man who is an alumnus of our parish high school married an Orthodox woman in our Latin rite church. A bi-ritual Catholic priest led the ceremony. It's our parish policy to allow alumni to have their weddings here, even if they've moved away or aren't parishioners.

I was surprised to discover that with the permission of our pastor (for inter-rituality) and a dispensation from the Melkite bishop (for the man to marry an Orthodox), all of this is entirely possible. Since neither party is a Roman Catholic, however, we have no jurisdiction in their case and their marriage will not appear in our records.

It was really something to watch with all of the Eastern liturgical elements and chanting in Arabic going on under our image of St. Margaret Mary!


ben in denver said...

Eastern liturgies are beautiful.

In Denver St. Elizabeth of Hungary is a bi-ritual parish. THey have the roman rite Mass at 9 and Divine Liturgy at 11:00.

The parish priest is convert from Russian Orthodoxy and is incardinated under the RC Archdiocese. He has special permission from Abp. Chaput to celebrate the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom for those drawn tp that tradition. We've attended a couple of times. It is very beautiful.

Brother Charles said...

Interesting, Ben. I've known priests who converted in the other direction, but not this way. I'm glad to hear that retains permission to celebrate the Liturgy of St. John C. It is beautiful.

4narnia said...

hi fr. C!
thanks for sharing about the ecumenical afternoon you had there at Sacred Heart yesterday.
i love the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. once in a while (only maybe about three times a year), even though i don't understand the ukrainian language, i go to St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic church right down the road from Sacred Heart and i attend their Divine Liturgy of St. John C. it is beautiful - i wish i could see it done in english somewhere.