September 26, 2008

Breviarium Romano-Seraphicum

Today my "new" Breviarium Romano-Seraphicum arrived in the mail, published by the authority of our minister general Clement of Milwaukee in 1962. According to Summorum pontificum 9,3 I now have permission to use this version if I wish. (And if I can learn how!) The set seems to have once been ad usum for a Father Louis of the Couvent des Capucins in Mons, Belgium. They have a nice website you can visit here. Louis must have passed from this life or returned to the world soon after inscribing his name in his new breviaries, because they are hardly used.

The breviaries are illustrated with little Capuchin friars in various actions and postures of prayer:


ben in denver said...

That is so cool.

Where did you get it?

Brother Charles said...

I ordered it from a rare book dealer in the Netherlands that I found just by searching the title. A treasure at 70 Euro, no?

ben in denver said...

At today's rate that's like $102, Right?

Yes, a great deal, but out of my budget.

I'm still trying to justify replacing the old St. Andrew Daily Missal I use, that I found at the thrift store for $2, for the new Baronius Press 1962 missal which is $55.

Garpu said...

Cool! I have a copy of the breviarium monasticum (Benedictine) that I dearly love...I found it when a monastery in California was selling off some of its old books. I'll definitely grab them if the house is burning down.

fray Fernando TOSF said...

Please you can see the traditional OFMCap life in:

Feliz Pascua de Resurrección de N.S Jesucristo

Br Fernando TOF from South America

+pax et boum+

Anonymous said...

i have a copy of the Breviarium Romano-Seraphicum from 1900.

Pedro Barreto said...

What is the difference between the Ordinary "Breviarium Romanum"?

Brother Charles said...

This would include the proper celebrations of the Franciscan calendar.