October 18, 2008

Repaying To God What Belongs To God

In the midst of this intense election season here in the United States, with much talk of taxes and who ought to pay them, Jesus invites us to ask ourselves how concerned we are to paying our debts to God. My homily for this weekend is posted here.


for narnia said...

awesome homily for this weekend, Fr. C! thank you! (also, your homily this morning for the feast of St. Luke was very inspiring, too - thanks!)
i pretty much get the same inspiration from the readings that you mention in your homily. (nothing really too different from what you mention in your homily), other than to say that the way we "give back our souls to God," as you say, is through our "faith, prayer and the Holy Eucharist," as you also mentioned in your homily.
i know i've mentioned about prayer many times in past comments, but i guess it's worth repeating - it is so important to spend time in prayer, especially the listening kind of prayer. reflecting on Sacred Scripture is a good way to do this, since it's the Word of God and He talks to us through Sacred Scripture. when we spend time in prayer like this, we will get to know God more and more. just like with a friend - if friends never spend time together, then they'll never get to know one another and can grow apart from one another. i feel that this is the same with our relationship with God - spend quality time with God! (i know our lives are busy, but we should never be so busy that we forget God.) i used to think that i hardly had anytime for prayer, but if we really stop and consider things, there are ways to keep God in our busy lives. quality time spent with God in prayer is so much better than the quantity of times spent, because we should never be in a hurry when we go to prayer. for me, personally, my best, quality time for prayer is on saturday mornings after morning Mass in church. sometimes i have spent up to almost three hours in this kind of prayer without even realizing how quickly the time has passed! even the Holy Eucharist - the more frequent we participate, the better. Jesus helps us to become more like Him and stronger and stronger in our faith each time we participate and receive Him in the Holy Eucharist. again, i used to think i couldn't fit participation in the Holy Eucharist, other than on Sundays, in my busy schedule, either. but, it's about getting our priorities right. it can be done, even if we have to make sacrifices. after all, Jesus made a big Sacrifice for us! PEACE!
tara t

Anonymous said...

Was your blog hacked earlier?

Brother Charles said...

Tara, thanks for the inspiration...prayer is always possible. It's only a question of how we orient our minds and attention during our busy days. Thanks!

Michael, no, all set..thanks for the vigilance! ;)