November 7, 2008

Baby Got Book

I saw this video on Sci Fi Catholic, who seems to have picked it up from the Art of Apologetics; two blogs that are worth a look if you haven't already. Evangelization always demands new forms after all.

"Ladies, do you wanna save some people from Hades?"

"And if you're Catholic, there's even more."

Now give some traffic back to White Boy DJ for letting everyone post his track.

Just for the record, my favorite Sir Mixalot track was "My Hooptie," from his 1989 album with one of the most hilarious cover photos ever, "Seminar."


4narnia said...

this is so cool, Fr C! thanks for sharing it! yes, we can evangelize in very new and creative ways!
tara t

Matt G. said...

I've got to say, "Baby Got Book" is probably one of the best videos I've seen online.