February 21, 2009

Friendship and Forgiveness

Then, as now, we who seek Jesus' teaching, healing, and forgiveness gather at his house. My homily for this weekend is posted here.

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4narnia said...

great and inspiring homily, Fr. C! it's a great reminder from you in your homily on how freeing and healing forgiveness really is! i think that God's love for us isn't affected by our sins and that what God is looking for is our true sorrow and willingness to turn away from sin and follow Him. your post from yesterday titled: "things i've learned as a confessor," where you mention how Sacred Scripture and theology speak of "hope, encouragement, and possibilities for ammendment," is also a comfort for us. if everyone realized all these things about the friendship of Jesus and how forgiveness can free us from the past and liberate us for the future, there would be long, long lines to the confessional. i must admit that i've gotten away from frequent confession, but it's a great sacrament that we can and should receive regularly. so, because of your inspiring homily, you have helped me to make that a regular practice again during this coming season of Lent. (even Fr. Chris in his homily this evening at the 5:00 pm Mass suggested at least one good confession during Lent.) PEACE!
~tara t~