February 13, 2009

When You Hope Nobody Took a Picture

Tonight our high school drama group had a Ramones tribute band play in the church hall for a fundraiser. I couldn't help but bring my 10-hole Docs out of retirement for the occasion. Luckily for everyone, I couldn't find my braces to go with them.

When a few kids tried to start an old-fashioned circle skank a couple of times, I couldn't resit and joined right in. Let's hope there's no photographic evidence. Nobody wants to see the moshing of an overweight friar in his late thirties.

Update: Well, no such luck. There I am moshing into frame at about :44 and :49


A Bit of the Blarney said...

One can only imagine! It sounds as if great fun was had by all! Cathy

for narnia said...

COOL, Fr. C!
~tara t~