December 28, 2009

Overheard at the Parish Office

Caller: Is this St. Clare?

Receptionist: No, this is Alison.

Reminds me of another of my favorites:

Sergeant Stedenko: Radio dispatch, do you know who this is?

Cheech Marin: No, who is 'this is'?


timh said...

A priest-friend of mine, whose first name was Joseph, was assigned to St. Joseph parish; he LOVED (!) to answer the phone 'St. Joseph Church. This is Joseph'

Qualis Rex said...

Driver - "St Louis?"

Steve Martin - "No. Navin Johnson."

Victoria said...

Caller: Do you know if the Church celebrates the feast of St Columbanus?

Secretary: Sing a few bars and I'll see if I can recognise it.

Lame I know but it was the best I could do! lol

De Liliis said...

LOL! Good one.

'You aspire to great things? Begin with little ones.'

St. Augustine

Buck George said...

Chong: Who is it?

Cheech: It's me, Dave. Let me in, I think the cops saw me come in here.

Chong: Who?

Cheech: Dave.

Chong: Dave?

Cheech: Right, man, Dave. Now will you open up the door?

Chong: Dave's not here.

Brother Charles said...

Oh, man. I seem to have opened a can of worms with my movie reference. :)

Rachel said...

I used to volunteer for the Missionaries of Charity in Lynwood, CA. Once I answered their phone for them and the young woman on the other end said, "Hello, is this... Mother Teresa?"