March 24, 2010

Rabbi Shlomo ben Plomo

Someone was making fun of me for my idiosyncratic habit of using generic placeholder names in my everyday speech. When I thought about, I realized that I use a lot of them.

Aulus Agerius and Nomen Nescio (The classics)

J. Random Friar, J. Random Nun, J. Random Catholic, J. Random catechumen, catechu-kid, etc. (This is a riff on a hilarious intercession once reported to me, in which the assembly prayed for the catechumen and catechuwomen.) Joe and Jane Daily Communicant, Joe and Jane Frequent Penitent, etc. (J. Random is a convention in computer slang.)

Shlomo ben Plomo and Plomo ben Shlomo, generic rabbinical authorities.


A Bit of the Blarney said...

Well, it is better than namedropping. Unless it really happens to be someone's name...Then-OOPS~ :) Cathy

Qualis Rex said...

Shlomo = "the/a peace" (ancient hebrew)
ben = son of/from (hebrew)
plomo = lead (Spanish)

Shlomo ben Plomo = a peace of lead (get it? piece of lead?? : P

Brother Charles said...

My first Scripture professor, Mr. Hanker, often appealed to Shlomo ben Plomo. That's where I learned of him.

Rachel said...

Catechuwoman??? HAHAHAHAAA!

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

A former principal with whom I used to work would talk to the kids at assemblies, giving school announcements and such. These would be liberally sprinkled with stories of what would happen if "Mary Lasagna" did such and such a thing. (Yup, he was Italian!)

Brother Charles said...

Mary Lasagna sounds like a charming person.