June 1, 2010

On Time, Or Not, For Lent

Caedmon's comment on this post reminded me of my favorite late-for-church story.

In one my parishes along the way, our pastor was always late. We used to joke about it; it was said that no matter how late you were for Mass, you were still probably early.

One day--the Thursday after Ash Wednesday to be exact--morning Mass started exactly on time. Some of the regulars, having been long unaccustomed to such a thing, weren't even there yet. After Mass the church ladies made unmerciful fun of poor Monsignor: 'Starting Mass on time for Lent, Father? We'll see how long that lasts! Ha!'

And they were right. Thanks to everyone's devout support of Monsignor's (apparent) Lenten reform, the Mass on Friday started as late as ever.

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