June 14, 2010

Religious Life Zingers

If you can't accept the brutal truth about yourself, religious life is not for you. One of the gifts of this life is that we are pretty plain with each other, but often in a bitingly funny way. Here are a couple of favorites I've heard over the years:

One brother was complaining to another about some little thing that was very annoying to him. The brother responded:

"Yeah, I hate it too when I get petty."

Another time one brother was expressing his disapproval of certain ideas and practices in another. The accused responded:

"I know! I also get anxious when I'm having trouble accepting differences."


Brother Vito, OFMCap said...

Whenver someone says to me: "Excuse me, brother..." in the house, I know I'm about to hear something I won't like.

Rachel Gray said...

Hahaha! What I like about "I also get anxious when I'm having trouble accepting differences" is that it sounds like such namby-pamby psychobabble, but the brother applies it so incisively.

I wonder if nuns are that blunt with each other...

Adoro said...

Rachel ~ Yes....they ARE! It might be a little more nuanced but perhaps even MORE incisive!