October 2, 2010

Overheard in the Friary

At supper the brothers were talking about a certain ritual book, and the advantage of having a bilingual version in both Spanish and English.

One of the brothers asked another about a certain such edition, but he said "bi-ritual" instead of "bilingual."

"Is it a bi-ritual version?"

"Yes, Brother; on facing pages it has the ritual in the traddy and liberal versions."


Rachel Gray said...

Some parodist could have a field day writing such a version!

tgshaw (aka secondarycreations) said...

True, Rachel.

Sometimes it helps to have the material available. I had a "traddy" friend who refused to believe that the Eucharist could in any way be thought of as a meal (because that's what the Protestants call it) until I showed him the imagery for the Feast of Corpus Christi in my pre-Vatican II missal.

I've actually known a priest who was bi-ritual. He could celebrate Mass in either Eastern or Western rite.

Brother Charles said...

All silliness aside, bi-rituality is a fascinating thing. A bi-ritual priest is usually one with faculties in both the Roman and in one of the eastern rites. They tend to get this way either because they have parents from two different rites, or because of a great love of or curiosity about liturgy. Either way, they tend to be interesting and worth getting to know.