October 19, 2010

Trying to Bite a Smooth Stone

Ever wonder why the hardest part of writing your theology paper is just starting? William of St. Thierry sheds some light on the problem:

"Truly, the Catholic faith is a totally smooth, rounded stone and who wishes to gnaw at it does not find a place to sink his teeth into it." (The Enigma of Faith, 73 trans. John D. Anderson.)


Greg said...

Then again maybe the faith became a smooth stone as a result of the inspired thoughts of theologians washing over the rock like a stream of cold water rushing down stream toward the Lord.

So do not try to bite with your paper, simply allow your prayers to wash over the stone as you speed downstream on the way to union with Christ.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

An interesting thought...:)

Anonymous said...

This brings back memories of red hot atomic fireballs. My dentist always warned me gnawing on them was going to ruin my teeth.I haven't had one in years.

Brother Charles said...


Ha! One of the brothers took me a barbecue spot a few weeks ago, and they gave us atomic fireballs for mints. I hadn't had one in many years. I was more of a Lemonhead kid myself.