November 18, 2010

Faculties for Blessing Fashion Accessories

Sometimes I get asked to bless a rosary that I know will end up around the petitioner's neck. I don't have faculties to bless fashion accessories, but since it's a rosary I go ahead anyway. I have devised a special blessing for this occasion, and here it is:

Almighty God,
May your blessing be upon all who find in this rosary a means to prayer and devotion.
May the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary preserve them from all danger of superstition.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Anonymous said...

The blessing seems meaningful for both prayer's and wearer's of the rosary.My first thought though would be that if someone seeks out a priest, especially after mass, to give the blessing; the beads would be for prayer; even if the person wears them around their neck.I sometimes see Latino's do this and many times they are middle aged seemingly prayerful people, not of the age group following fashion trends.I have often wondered how this perceived and practiced in various cultures. It seems sometimes Anglican culture frowns on this type of ornamentation, while Latin cultures embrace it?

Barb, sfo said...

That works!

I recently heard a discussion of this and it seems that in some circles, rosaries are worn as "gang accessories."

tgshaw (aka secondarycreations) said...

I'm posting a link to this in my blog for rosary makers. It might lead to some interesting thoughts.

I agree that different cultures look at this in different ways. Latino couples, after all, wear a double rosary as part of the wedding ceremony. I recently received a thank you note that included a picture of a Latino man wearing a rosary I'd made, and judging by the communication I think it was considered more than a fashion accessory. (I'm certainly not denying that for some people that's all it is.)