February 26, 2011

From My Confessor: On Trials and Maturity

'So you find yourself in the position of someone who is partly spiritual mature, but not fully. And both can be used to your advantage.

'You are fortunate in that you have the spiritual maturity to recognize that your trials and challenges are a gift from God, and you trust Him enough to know--at least in your head--that they are for your own good and serve His purposes for you in your vocation. On the other hand, you recognize that you are not yet fully mature because you do not always receive and use well the difficulties and sufferings presented by your trials, and sometimes these become occasions of distraction and sin in your failure to accept them. So, let your recognition of your spiritual maturity give you the strength of gratefulness to God, and your recognition of your weakness give you the security of humility and dependence on Him.'

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