February 26, 2011

Soteriological Hijinx in the Friary

Coming downstairs this morning, I noticed that the crucifix over our refectory table was missing. In its place was a ransom note: $20,000 was to be dropped at a certain corner in our neighborhood, or Jesus would "get it."

I don't know what it was about but nonetheless I thought it somewhat odd and hard to imagine any meaningful sense in which Jesus could 'get it' any more than he already has in the Passion and death he endured for us, and I noticed how the demand tried to reverse who is paying a ransom for whom. As as a licensed dispenser of sacred doctrine, I had to amend the note.

I wrote: 'Jesus already got it, and paid us back with a New Creation.'

No ransom is demanded of us, for one has already been made for us.

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