September 10, 2011


The best I could do for a sermon for this weekend:

Today is a hard, complicated, and difficult anniversary for our country and for many families among us.

And what is there to say? Standing with and before our own memory, perhaps silence is the better part of reverence.

We continue to pray God's eternal rest for all who died on that day, for those who died on account of it, and for consolation and peace of their families, friends, and loved ones.

As Christians we recall for ourselves that we have received the mission of announcing to the world that Jesus Christ is the true path to peace and reconciliation, and that there is no salvation from the violence and hate of this world but in Christ crucified.

Christ crucified is the burning love of God for his creation. May the fire of that love burn all the searing griefs of this day clean and whole.


GirlCanChant said...

I think you hit the nail on the head. Thank you for sharing, Father.

Thom, SFO said...

I'm not sure there could have been more appropriate readings for the day.

Brother Charles said...


Judy Kallmeyer said...

Well said, indeed!