September 6, 2011

Thanking God For My Teachers

My first liturgy teacher, whom I realize more and more was a signficant influence on how I've turned out as a Catholic, when he wanted to talk about the quintessential day of low liturgical rank, bereft of solemnity, would speak of the 'rainy Tuesday in Ordinary Time.'

I thought of him as we offered Mass this morning on this rainy Tuesday in Ordinary Time. Maybe it's also because today, as I begin my twenty-third school year of formal education, I feel the slight vertigo of it being my first first day of school with no classes to go to. I'm registered for just one academic entity, something called TM 980. God help me, with a number like that I must be almost done with this stuff.

The further I get along in this journey the more grateful I am for my teachers, and for the quality of education I didn't even know I was receiving most of the time. So today I'm just thanking God for all of them and for the proximate, remote, and very remote preparations for my vocation that God was working for me through their work. I started to write them out, but there are just too many.

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