December 21, 2011

Broken Fingers and Foolishness to the World

My spiritual director often speaks to me about the Cross, which is good because I remain hesitant to embrace it.

Over time I've collected a few of these sayings. Here are three that I try to keep close:

"The more you find the Cross problematic, the more difficulty you will have finding peace. It's that simple."

"Just because you embrace the Cross doesn't always make it understandable. It's still foolishness to the world, and to the world that still lives inside you especially."

"Crucifixion is a messy business. On top of the nails, you're going to get a finger smashed when the hammer misses. It's an awful mess."


Robin said...

These are all very wonderful. And I could stand to hear (read) every one of them tonight.

Greg said...

Oh my. Sounds like your spiritual director cribbed some notes from St. Francis. Guess he is still looking out for the Brothers.

BTW, I finished reading The Theology of History in St. Bonaventure by Ratzinger. (Your reference to the work motivated me.)

Wow. Rich. Wonder if there is a course to be taught regarding the influence of Franciscan spirituality on the emergence of Vatican II?