March 14, 2012

Proof that Religious Life is Conservative

Sometimes it is said that religious life is too liberal and progressive. I beg to differ. Religious life is inherently conservative. Allow me to adduce some examples:

Religious hate to eat the last cookie in the package or to consume the last bit of milk or juice in a carton. They wish to preserve things as they are. Likewise, they hate to use the last paper towel or bit of toilet paper on a roll, preferring to preserve the old order of things. In fact, they are so conservative that they will begin to use a new roll of these things rather than dismiss and supersede the old one. They simply perch the newly begun roll on top of the old one they don't dare reject, observing the hermeneutic of continuity rather than giving in to the hermeneutic of rupture.


Anonymous said...


-Lou OFS

Greg said...

Much needed burst of humor. Ah, yes, we take ourselves too seriously.