May 30, 2012


My trip was a long day for sure. Arriving in Rome and waiting for my baggage, the Beastie Boys lyric came to mind: "Groggy eyed and fried and I'm headed for the station."

The friars are very kind and welcoming, and I enjoyed very much my introduction to the typical schedule of prayer and meals in an Italian friary.

Language is a funny business in these international settings. Arriving for my new assignment in Italy, right away I was thrown into trying to speak Spanish. Without my yet knowing Italian, Spanish was the best common language between me and the friars taking care of me in these first days. At then end of the day I was introduced to the sala inglese, the English-speaking recreation room of the college, where I hung out in English with some of our scholars and a couple of our Capuchin bishops who are in town for their ad limina visit today.

More adventures to come.


Anonymous said...

Brother, good luck in Rome - I must admit I am envious. Don't forget to pray for me as I carry my cross in liberal Vermont land.

-Lou (Louis) said...

Praise God that you made it safely!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

The world becomes ever smaller when you know more and more of its languages. Good luck with learning Italian -- I imagine that between Latin and Spanish, it will be easy for you. In my opinion, the real key to being comprehended in Italian is to get the intonation right. I hope you find enjoyment in the learning.