May 4, 2012

Updates on my Transition

The latest plan has me moving to Italy toward the end of this month. That's a little sooner that I had most recently anticipated, but I can be ready. After arriving in Rome and having a few things taken care of, I am to go to Assisi to take courses in Italian. Eventually, perhaps with other stops beforehand, I am to take up the ministry of secretary for the English language at our Capuchin general curia.

Right now I'm supposed to wait for a letter of obedience from Rome. Once I receive it, I am to take it to the Italian consulate to apply for a visa for "motivi religiosi". May it be so for everything I do!

Of course I hope to keep blogging through and after this transition, but I'll have to see. One never knows about time, permission, and connectivity going into a new assignment, and of course the things that the brothers have actually asked me to do have to come first. Nevertheless, some of the brothers who work in the general ministry are bloggers: General definitors Br. Mark and Br. Carlos blog at Just a Brother and Artesano de Dios respectively, and Br. Helmut, secretary for the missions, blogs his ministry at Ad Gentes OFMCap. Maybe there are others.

So perhaps I can have some hope that my rants and ramblings here at a minor friar can join this august group. One of my classmates in religion once accused me of joining religious life just for the stories (along the lines of Jerry Seinfeld's dentist Dr. Whatley, who was accused to converting to Judaism "just for the jokes"). No doubt there's some truth in that observation, but grace builds on nature, no?

In any case, thank you for the charity of your prayer.


From George said...

Prayers for you new assignment and hopes that we will have our blogger back, when possible, as I will miss your thoughtful musings. All the best Br. Charles.

Brother Charles said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Brother (Father),

Please let us know if you decide to stop posting. I will be deeply saddened :(

Ryan Harty said...

Here's hoping you can post when your mission allows! You're a blessing!

Prayers for you, father.

Judy Kallmeyer said...

I would greatly miss your blogs if you are unable to continue them. I look forward to reading them each day. Let's hope that I can continue to do so. Know that my prayers follow you to Italy, and wherever you go.